Parent Reps

Parent Representative Instructions

First of all, THANK YOU for volunteering to represent your son’s or daughter’s sports team. We appreciate you taking the time to fulfill this important role in the club. The following is a list of your duties in this role. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask any board member. Again, thank you!

  • Attend all booster club meetings. If you cannot attend a meeting, please have another Booster Club member attend in your place.

  • At each booster club meeting, give an update of that team’s record, accomplishments, and any other item of interest from the preceding month. If you cannot attend a meeting, please leave this information with your substitute. We like to give these kids credit for all their hard work!

  • Attend any parent meetings set up by your team’s coach (usually just at the beginning of the season/pre-season) and speak on behalf of the Booster Club. Encourage parents to join and explain the benefits of the Booster Club (listed below). You can obtain Booster Club membership forms at Feel free to have 50 these available at the team meetings. It would be a good idea to have envelopes and pens available as well for anyone that wants to join on the spot. Please return all applications/money ASAP to the Athletic Office.

  • Important points to mention at the team meeting:

    • Memberships are $35 for Indian and $100 for Chief (Chief includes a LCHS Athletics premium item).

    • Money raised by the Booster Club is used for uniforms, equipment, scholarships, etc.

    • The Booster Club has scholarships available for eligible senior athletes.

    • Exact requirements for eligibility are listed on the website.

    • Being a four year Booster member and volunteering every year with the Booster Club increases the chance of their child winning a scholarship.

    • As the team rep, you are responsible for submitting a team gift basket or baskets for the Support the Tribe fundraiser. The baskets must have a minimum value of $50 each and there should be one basket per every 20 athletes on that team. To cover the costs of the baskets, it is suggested that you collect $5 from every athlete, preferably at the team meeting. If you wait until after the meeting, it will be very difficult to collect the money. Keep a log of everyone that has donated so that you do not double collect. You will use the money to put together any gift basket that you think would be of interest to people. Gift cards, wine/liquor, and theme baskets are all very popular.

2021-2022 Parent Representatives

Girls Sports Boys Sports

Basketball: Jeanine Zajeski Baseball: Melissa Sziatowski/

Melissa Bluett/Gina Michko

Cheer: Sara Kroncke/Renee Speck Basketball:

Cross Country: Sue Kransky/Becky Spanier Cross Country: Sheri Smith

Dance: Melissa Rippe/Leah Denson Football: Ed Cedano

Golf: Susan Golec Golf:

Gymnastics: Vanessa Amanatidis Soccer: Melissa Adams/Lisa Knestrict

Soccer: Michelle Mauder Swimming: Steve Gallagher

Softball: Carrie Renschen/Lori Olson Tennis: Sherrie Spriggs/Chris Peltz

Swimming: Track:

Tennis: Diane Guthrie/Rob Guthrie Wrestling:

Track: Sara Kroncke

Volleyball: Sonya Rhody